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EURHUF Possible Bearish A-B-C Setup (Swing)

27 octobre 2016 Trading Tools

A while back, we published an analysis on EURHUF in which we were presenting a possible bearish scenario on the Hungarian Forint, a scenario that since that moment has been confirmed.

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EURHUF Short-Term Scenario - Breakout Confirmed?

05 octobre 2016 Trading Tools

Last week we were signaling possibly interesting scenarios on the Hungarian Forint, with price being at a key level (310) at the time.

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EURHUF Short-Term Scenarios: Price at Key Level

30 septembre 2016 Trading Tools

On the background of yesterday's mentioned mid-term scenario, the market is now offering a short-term setup with great potential in terms of risk/reward. The key level is 310, where the bears could take control and drive the pair back lower into the 308-308.20 area. Stops for this setup start right above 310.60.

On the other hand, a break of 310.60 should lead the pair up to 312.80 and then 316.50, as the breakout mentioned yesterday will be confirmed as a false breakout.

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Hungarian Forint HUF Ready for a New Move?

30 septembre 2016 Trading Tools

Since the beginning of 2014, with the rare exceptions of some brief spikes, the Hungarian currency has ranged between 295 and 320 HUF per Euro.

Compared to the steady drop of the Forint of 2008-2009, the recent 3 year-period 2014-2016 can be considered one of relative stability. HUF is technically still in a bearish uptrend compared to the EUR and USD, however there are signs that a possible correction could be showing its first signs.

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EUR Breakout Imminent? Possible Swing Setups

26 septembre 2016 Trading Tools

The EURUSD pair is probably about to break from the tight 150pips range where it was stuck for exactly 1month. As the market players are setting up for a new large move, we have 2 swing setups that may be helpful for traders.

What about you? Where do you see the EURUSD pair going next?

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The Bulls Have Spoken! What's Next?

23 septembre 2016 Trading Tools

Yesterday we published a short-term bullish scenario for the USDJPY pair , which worked perfectly in spite of the broad bearish sentiment on the JPY pairs. This goes to show that even in bearish trends short-term opportunities could prove very lucrative if proper risk management rules are respected.

Today we go back to the same scenario chart, with an update:

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USDJPY: Intraday retracement?

22 septembre 2016 Trading Tools

Yesterday we had a look at the swing scenarios for USDJPY and we signaled a moment of high volatility moment in the market, a situation likely to create great bullish and bearish opportunities for traders after the BoJ Interest Rate decision.

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Swing Traders, Watch Out for the Yen!

21 septembre 2016 Trading Tools

After last night's fundamentally-based moves, USDJPY is now at a turning point, with interesting scenarios shaping up for bulls and bears alike.

Because of price playing around key daily levels with potential of strong moves either way, today's opportunities seem particularly interesting for swing traders. But short-term traders could also find great areas to buy and sell on intraday moves.

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EURUSD at a Crossroad

20 septembre 2016 Trading Tools

Today we have a look at EURUSD - a pair that seems to be at a very interesting technical level as we speak.

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Between Possibility and Opportunity: GOLD

19 septembre 2016 Trading Tools

Analysts are trained to see charts and markets in terms of possibilities: there are thousands of ways the market could move, and they try to know and study them all.

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